Standard (EADGBE)

I never wanted to be better than my friends

I just wanted to prove wrong the people in my head

the ones who told me I'd be better of dead

the ones who told me that I would never win

when I delivered newspapers they said I was too slow

when I was a barista they said I made lousy foam

when I worked in retail they said I was a slob

much too dumb for school and much too lazy for a job

so I rode my bike like lightning

and I made cappuccinos that would make the angels sing

took two showers a day and I dressed up like a princess

shook my fist in my own face and said I'll show you who's the best

I wrote the kinds of papers teachers hang up on their walls

I was employee of the month at seven different shopping malls

and one time playing football I pulled the tendons in my leg

to prove that I was tough I hopped on one foot

and finished up the game

I thought if I succeeded I'd be happy and they'd go away

but first thing in the morning I'd still wake up and I'd hear them say

"you're fat, ugly, and stupid, you should really be ashamed

no one will ever like you you're not good at anything"

and sometimes I'd rise to the challenge

but other times I'd feel so bad that I could not get out of bed

and on the days I stayed in bed I sang and sang and sang

about how crappy I felt no realizing how many other people would relate

now people send me emails that say thanks for saying the things they didn't know how to say

and the people in my head still visit me sometimes

and they bring all of their friends but I don't mind

I play my guitar like lightning

when I sing I like it when you sing too loud and clear

different voices different tones all sayin' "yeah, we're not alone"

I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here

I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here

I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here