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eBGDAE1**The bass are missing.. It will be here on=130442the next refresh...34Lyrics only here in 'Cristina' Tab...56789Slip out the door and fly1111131013111115131112I'm lost in time I hover10101051313151114as an angel, I hover10101061513151617Embracing all myself I reel10171718151212121219through the storm that is shaking me12121220121215171221I don't know where17172215I don't know why1212122312I know I'm not going to fall121217241725And butterflies are flying (fly away)10121226121213121227right beside me1212122812151212122912as I ascend to the clouds10103088812311288123281233No I won't delay1313131515153435no, I won't delay131313151736131537time is like a knife for me now13131315153813131239I just won't delay15151315174041No I won't delay1313131515154243no I won't delay131313151744131545time is like a knife for me now13131315154613131247I just won't delay151513151748495051525354555657Slip out the door and fly1111135813115915131160I'm lost in time I hover10101056113151162as an angel, I hover10101066313156465Embracing all myself I reel10171766151212121267through the storm that is shaking me12121268121215171269I don't know where17177015I don't know why1212127112I know I'm not going to fall121217721773And butterflies are flying (fly away)10121274121213121275right beside me1212127612151212127712as I ascend to the clouds10107888812791288128081281No I won't delay1313131515158283no, I won't delay131313151784131585time is like a knife for me now13131315158613131287I just won't delay15151315178889No I won't delay1313131515159091no I won't delay131313151792131593time is like a knife for me now13131315159413131295I just won't delay151513151796979899100101102103Time is mine121212I got the blade10810488change…6…your mind105128106I'll make you stay881213107No I won't delay131313151515108109no, I won't delay13131315171101315111time is like a knife for me now1313131515112131312113I just won't delay1515131517114115No I won't delay131313151515116117no I won't delay13131315171181315119time is like a knife for me now1313131515120131312121I just won't delay1515131517122123Change tuning (R)
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