eBGDAE1=1004423I recieved a message from my200020004brother accross the water20202022He sat025laughing as he wrote "the end's in02202011026si-42-ght42427So i said good bye to all my friends20000200008And packed my hopes inside a match-2202020209-box2Because i know it's time to20020210fly02Oooooo54211Oh yeah come on02030312Meet me in the morning030333013Meet me in the middle of the3333103014night30215Ooh yeah the533316morning light is coming333543117Don't it make you wanna kinda3131313118feel alriiiight66656101920212223Oh yeah88102425Ah-haa88102627I just jumped a train that never stops300087578287So now so how'll they know91010101091029I never finished paying for81010899my10830ride8531Just now someone pushed a gun into my hand776575887325Tell me i'm the type of the7912979733man5To fight the fight that i'll797910101034require910Ohoo-109735Oo9Oh yeah come on97977736Meet me in the morning077770Won'tcha8737Meet me in the middle of the night8878875338night-night-night791087539Oh yeah533140The morning light is coming333371041Don't it make you wanna101010108108kinda10842feel alright10101074344Ooh745Mama well i think it's time753071071046i'm leaving7682447Nothing here to make me78788664448stay71049O-u-ooh mama76753050well it must be the time i'm leaving71010121210951They're knocking down them doors and8757678852Trynig to take me away101013111053Please Mr. Brakeman won't you878868654ring your bell8868655And ring it loud8868886556and6clear53157Please Mr Fireman8535558Won'tchya ring your bell86810111259Tell the people they gotto fly away1312131314151515141460from here13111061626364Oo-u-O10121065I once saw a picture of a 101010109999766lady55with a baby99755Southern lady9967755had a very very special smile2277577768069We are in the middle of a55559991070change in910destination1091010When the810871train starts all together 885535we will39872smile75Ohoo-o-o54273yeah come on come on0323030374Meet me in the morning3333333375Wont you99meet me in the middle of the night99975376night85na-na-na588night577Ho5ho4yeah313178Everybody know the morning time is coming3333333610101179Don't it make you wanna1091011108980feel alright1111108Ah881Ah7yeah882make me feel al-7767683right6384flying ...??... away10686685Fly my way?(???)7810111286????101112101087Aaaaaaaah888128913121290Ouh1391Ouh1392Ouh13Ouh13Change tuning (R)