eBGDAE1=130442Intro345678910Riff 11112131415161718Verse 1On a tuesday in the rain885557519never thought there'd come a day557557520(Rodger Harmony) 05050516I never thought there'd come a day yeah!152116353full5full22If I put myself to the test5885557523would I ever raise a fist?557557524Would I just shut my mouth?55775525Would I just block it out?55657526Chorus 1(Chris)8I've sworn a million times8855527ne-ver-to-be-left-age-na55555555with that feeling557528of hopelessness588left standing557529just nervous in the alley555557530(Chris)8I've sworn a million times8855531ne-ver-to-be-left-age-na55555555with that feeling557532of hopelessness588left standing557533just nervous in the alley555557534Riff 2Woah!5full353637just nervous in the alley55555753839404142Verse 28(Chris) And when all is said and through85557543would I know just what to do?557557544(Rodger Harmony) Would I know just what to do yeah0505051615451635 ?3full5full46If I put myself to the test5885557547would I ever raise a fist?557557548Would I just shut my mouth?55775549Would I just block it out?55657550Chorus 2(Chris)8I've sworn a million times8855551ne-ver-to-be-left-age-na55555555with that feeling557552of hopelessness588left standing557553just nervous in the alley555557554(Chris)8I've sworn a million times8855555ne-ver-to-be-left-age-na55555555with that feeling557556of hopelessness588left standing557557just nervous in the alley555557558Interlude 1(Both Harmony)…5½5…Woah!5955just nervous in the alley5557560(Both Harmony) Woah!5½56155just nervous in the alley5557562(Both Harmony) Woah!6full56355just nervous in the alley5557564(Both Harmony) Woah!5½5658766Bridge99(Chris) This change of heart5577675It keeps us apart . . . 5577(Rodger) Say it's true, know it's…7…true68655165169nothing left expect for me and you!6565656870(Chris) It's not that strange5557when all I7715(Rodger Harmony)55772Have to say!!!858585(Both Harmony)738585I wouldn't wanna fight for you85851071078574Interlude 2757677=14078Chorus 3(Chris)=1408I've sworn a million times8855579ne-ver-to-be-left-age-na=14055555555with that feeling557580of hopelessness=140588left standing557581=140just nervous in the alley5555(Rodger) WOAH!57582(Chris)=14038I've sworn a million times8855583ne-ver-to-be-left-age-na=14055555555with that feeling557584of hopelessness=140588left standing557585=140just nervous in the alley555557586Outro(Both Harmony)…=1405½5…Woah!87=14055just nervous in the alley5557588(Both Harmony) Woah!=1405½589=14055just nervous in the alley5557590(Both Harmony) Woah!=1406full591=14055just nervous in the alley5557592(Both Harmony) Woah!=1405½593=14055just nervous in the alley5557594=140Change tuning (R)