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eBGDAD1main riff=1424423456789verse 1Some want it551soft.310Some want it101hard.5111213Some like it551slow.314Some like it10115fast as a shark.03131617Few hate it eve551318- ry sing - le way.101519You really don't551need320no room to play.110021You make it000so322damn hard to10123stay.52425bridge2627Oh,328you bet - ter run a - way.333301293031Run332be - fore is too late.3303133The truth is00034right be - hind you.313135Clo - sing0336in on you.11337So run a - way.0300383940chorusYou ain't no -33341bo - dy's22night - mare.2342You weren't born in0003flames.04344You ain't no33345De - vil's daugh - ter.222346You don't know the pain.000314748 There's no sev - en333349head - ded de - mons, no2223350lakes of blood that drown.000305152But on the day your3333353black sun ri - ses. It's2223354you who's go - ing 000355down. To hell with the pop.15315556main riff57585960verse 2You wipe the smile551361right of your face.1015626364That lifts you high551365abo - ve the10166whole hu - man race.03136768You think your fas551369- hion suits you fine.101570You're mind ain't worth551371of a sing - le dime.110072You will be thrown000373down for your10174crimes.57576bridge7778Oh,379you bet - ter run a - way.333301808182Run383be - fore is too late.3303184The truth is00085right be - hind you.313186Clo - sing0387in on you.11388So run a - way.0300899091chorusYou ain't no -33392bo - dy's22night - mare.2393You weren't born in0003flames.09495You ain't no33396De - vil's daugh - ter.222397You don't know the pain.000319899 There's no sev - en3333100head - ded de - mons, no22233101lakes of blood that drown.00030102103But on the day your33333104black sun ri - ses. It's22233105you who's go - ing 0003106down.1107To hell with the pop03030108interlude109110111112113114115116solo117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132chorusYou ain't no -333133bo - dy's22night - mare.23134You weren't born in0003flames.0135136You ain't no333137De - vil's daugh - ter.2223138You don't know the pain.00031139140 There's no sev - en3333141head - ded de - mons, no22233142lakes of blood that drown.00030143144But on the day your33333145black sun ri - ses. It's22233146you who's go - ing 0003147down. To hell with the pop.131313148outro3149Change tuning (R)