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eBGDAE1=12544234Intro56789101112VerseAnother night,0000another4413year0thats3gone414gone"Raise your glass"! I'm not0000015home tonight20016Nothings changed but000017everything is different 00003418Getting cold in the bus stop light000001922020All the days, 000all the nights00210we spent3422Making plans for another life000002320024Staring out of a backseat 00002500window3426Making cuts with a plastic knife444442722028ChorusThis dirty heart00022930Still longs to beat02403132Back in your arms,00023334Back on your street00235036Interlude3738394041424344VerseAnother flight,0000still I don't belong004543446An empty glass, still not00000047home tonight20048I look for change, but0000049only find indifference00003450I'm growing old in the glare000000512of a spotlight204052All those nights,444 all these…44…hearts I've haunted53440454All the memories we shared00002552056I wonder if this will00000057ever be different0003458I wonder if444400592if they will ever be spared66060ChorusThis dirty heart00026162Still longs to beat02406364Back in your arms00026566Back on your street00267068Outro6970717273747576Ending (Fade out)777879
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