Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


---- x4

Verse 1

Lying in bed trying

to stay quiet

Clasp your lips together

right this forever

I'm holding on tight

letting out a sigh

Don't ever let go

don't open your eyes


Breathe deeper deeper

Oh I've never

felt better than


Oh I'm holding on for you

Let's finish this together

Have you ever done something

that makes you proud?

On and on until it hands down

I I wanna have a good time

Verse 2

Hearts are beating faster

and nothing could be harder

I see you getting closer A--mity

Your breath is

getting shorter

My arms are tired

You're slowly sliding

closer To me

(Repeat Chorus)


Hold on just a

second longer baby

Hold on feeling like

we'll both get lucky

Hold on this will all

be worth it baby

Hold on

Guitar solo

Eb--Gm-F x4

(Repeat Chorus)