eBGDAE1=93442345678910Whats your story baby234421112No control of what I…112331…am saying1314Winter leaves still make me believe133311516No vendettas, just a cherry blossom tree23201718Never had the chance to…23442…take you homelet ring1934220Now theres no reason, just another tomorrow11233121332121322You keep giving me your free…1333132½…airmiles233full324What would I give232025Just for one of your smiles232026Just for one of your smiles23202728293031323334353637383940414243Let me turn down all these lights234424445And sit with me, then you can hold me tight1123314647Give me some more of your carrier bags133314849Then let me dream of a new…2320…autumn lightlet ring50233023351Tell me your story baby2344252432444453Whats your poison and what is your honey?112331543355You've stopped me hurting, but so much disorder133315633333357Winter flowers232058Did you ever forgive her?23259Did you ever forgive her?2320606162636465666768697071727374757677787980818283848586878889909192Whats your story baby234429394No control of what I am saying11233195let ring96Winter leaves still make me believe133319798No vendettas, just a cherry blossom tree2320992330233100No vendettas, just a…2320…cherry blossom treelet ring101=602330233102=50
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