eBGDAElet ring1=65I think442I have become one of the010128100101210010121001012103hollow men01011010010111001011100101110let ring4As I shine on the outside more these577305770577057705days7797077907790I can feel the…7790…outside feeding on mylet ring601012810010121001012100101212107inside101113110101113010111301011130let ring8Leaves a growing darkness in it's place57730577057705770913430134013401340let ring10I think I have become one of the hollow men0101281001012100101210010121011=51011121012111212111212111212=941010101031let ringlet ring131411010311516=94110let ring17=65I think I have become one of the lonely 00300030000001823202232232232let ring19Now that everybody talks to me 2302230232230200030003000I feel I have…003…become one of the emptylet ring21003000000000222241024024let ring23ChorusHollow men can stop you with the0102012342034024twinkling of an eye013201203020302let ring25Hollow men can take you without0102012342034026even reaching out013201203020300let ring27Hollow men have got you long before you realise010201234203402801320120353let ringlet ringlet ringlet ring2935335330The poison paralyses3533531let ring32VerseI think I have become one of a0101281001012100101210010121033pair of men0101101001011701011100101112let ring34It's a feeling I've been having for5773057705770577035some time779700779077907790let ring36I look down upon myself and010128100101210010121001012121037watch my movements 101113110101113010111301011130let ring38A blind eye sees the fragile vandalised57730577057705770393224324324324let ring400223022330223413242432432432423let ring420223202202230223433224324324302let ring440223302233022345324243244324let ring46Watch this cold world dishing up these0102012342034047endless hollow men 01320120302030let ring48Find us anywhere you look 0102012342034049Come and meet our friends01320120302032let ring50Stand us in our silly clothes0102012342034051Put our batteries in01320120302030let ring52Line us up like fairground ducks0102012342034053Watch us grin and grin01320120302030let ring54See the lies behind our eyes0102012342034055See the will to win 01320120302030let ring56We'll buy you and we'll sell you0102012342034057But perhaps we'll save your skin01320122458035335344let ring59353Sit quietly and35360listen to the breeze 3070070let ring610353The hollow and 35362the lonely listen too 3070070let ring63035335364Sniff the air for something we can use 3454454let ring650331302We're tin-hard and we rattle when we're shaken 026601410202670368
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