Maroon 5 - Miss You Love You Chords

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This has not been easy

this has been hard

I am scarred

and I do not know what to do with you.

go inside, kiss your mouth with my lips

grab your hips, cant remember why i fell in love with this.


but i miss you, i love you

its a shame you cant stay away from me

this time cause oh no

you beg me you ask me to kiss you and hug you

you wont be getting my affection again cause oh no

i dont need you

and then the C-peice? Don't what its called in english :P

it was really nice to know you

but, theres nothing left to show you

i got bills to pay get out the way its time to move on

and even with your boyfriend, will never be the same again

Discuss me over cigarettes and say to him...

Hope you liked it (:

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