Matthew Good - Suburbia Acoustic Chords

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x3 x0 x0 x0

x3 x1 x1 x1

x0 x2 x2 x0

x0 x2 x3 x2

x2 x0 x0 x3

x3 x- x- x-

Someday this place is gonna burn

Is your whole life in there waiting?

Someday your head is gonna turn

And you'll realize I'm missing

Do you realize?

"You would be mine"


intro/verse: x10

"You would be mine" part (second verse it will be "Hells comin with me")

Chorus ***Play the G Am F C part 5 times instead of 4 on second chorus

Play the "Do you realize" part 3 times, but strum the G chord the first 2 times and let

ring the third time (I strum the G Chord: Down-DownDownUpUpDown-DownUpDownup)

Intro/verse: x4

That should be it. Thought I would post this since no one else has. Have fun