eBGDAE1Intro=1864423456789Verse 1 Finished with...Finished with my woman1212121212109'cause she9911couldn't help me1212121112with my mind1112913People think that I'm121212121214insane 99be-915cause I'm frowning1212121116all the time11129171819202122232425Verse 2 All day long...All day long I12121212think1226of things but99927 nothing seems to1212121128sa - tis - fy1112929Think I'll lose my12121212mind1230if I don't99931 find something to1212121132pa - ci - fy1112933Interlude Can you help me...34Can you help me?121214123536 Are you from my1214121237b r a i n12full1438oh1239yeah141240yeah e yeah11104142434445464748oh12full249Verse 3 I need someone... I need someone to121212121250show me the99951things in life that1212121152I can't find1112953I cant see the thing 121212121254things that make true99955happiness I 1212121156must be blind1112957Guitar Solo585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081Verse 4 Make a joke and...Make a joke and I121212121282will sigh and99983you will laugh and1212121184I will cry1112985Happiness I can- 121212121286 -not feel and99987love to me is1212121188so unreal11129899091929394959697Verse 5 And so as you hear...And so as you hear121212121298these words 99999telling you now12121211100of my state11129101I tell you to en-1212121212102-joy life I999103wish I could but12121211104It's too late11129105106107108It's too late11129109110111112Nick's SoloIt's too late11129113nick7Nick7114NICK!!!!!!!!!7