d#A#F#C#G#D#1=744423451)On a206long and lone - some high - way,0000027east of O - ma - ha,00200you can338lis - ten ot the en - gine, moan - in' out___22200040_______…29__ his one - note song.2042You210think a - bout the wom - an,222020or the2211girl you knew the night____ 22202be - fore.___________2021213But your2014thoughts will soon be wan - d'rin',000002the015way they al - ways do.__00200 When you're0216rid-in' six-teen ho - urs,222000 there's217noth-in' much to do.22202And you0218don't feel much like rid - in',2220042you just0019wish the trip__ was through.____________________222020220____21Here I am,________24222________on the0223road a-gain.__0042There I am,____________0010242up on_______22252the satge.__2042Here I go,_________________202260204play-in' star________a -…0003…gain.____2700There I go,_00228________turn the page._____________4404292302)As we2031walk in - to this res - tau - rant,__00000022all032strung out____ from the road.___00020002and you2233feel the eyes__ up-on__ you222020as you're2234sha-in' off the cold,_________2220102you pre - tend22352it does - n't both-er you,220022but you2236just want to ex - plode.__________________________22201303738Yeah, most2039times you can't hear 'em talk,00000240 other times__ you can._________ All the00300200241same old cliches___________ "Is it2202000242woman, is it man?"___ And you2222102243always seam out-num-bered,222002you244don't dare make a stand.___________222020245Make_your stand__________22046__________ Oh, here I am,________2full20247______on the2248road a-gain.___0002There I am.____________0010492up on________2250the stage.___200Here I…202…go,_______________________510204I'm playin' star_______4000352again.____30There I go,__00053______turn the page.______40054_______________2553Woh,___ oh. 3)03full56Out there in the spot - light,000020you're a0057million miles___ a - way.____________003355Ev-'ry5458ounce of en-er - gy30300fullyou259try and give a - way___________ as the333320233360sweat pours out your bod-y,222022like the2261music that___ you play.__________________222013062____________________3363___________200264Later in___ the eve - ning,000002as you2065lie a - wake in bed00200with the echoes2266 of the am - pli - fi - ers22202004267ringin' in your head,__22042 you smoke268 the day's__ last cig-a-rette2220042re -…2…mem-b'rin'6922 what she said,___________________20020270 what___ she said0271072737475767778798081828384858687Yeah,__ here I am,_____0002088____3on the2289road_ a - gain.___3200There I am_______00290________________0203up on___________33291the stage.__000Here I go,_______00292________________0203playin' star__33393___ a - gain,______000Yeah, there I go,__________033394turn the page,___________2232950 Yeah, there I go,________3333960turn that page.____________2232970There I go,__00298____________230yeah,______3099yeah,32There_ I__ go,_______________532331000yeah,_0yeah._________…0210112102103There I go,___________33321040yeah.0105Here I go,__________________333210603yeah.0107There I…232…go,_____________1080woh,_______3033109woh.3 There I___ go.____________23301100111I'm gone.XX112