eBGDAE1=105442Couplet134I don't know031015whose side I'm taking03106but I'm not taking035357things too well33008I can see inside31019your aching031010but is it still too early0353511for me to tell3312BridgeI try to help you out777723313through the hardest of times3335314your heart is in your throat555523315and i'm speaking my mind3335316though it looks as if 1010101023317 it's over353318I'm still not over you22320219Cause320RefrainI521Still love you like I2535322did before200023I know for sure20002that224You525still feel the same2535326way I do200027If only she knew2035528Couplet23woah1full29If only she knew11113303132I try to let it go 0310133but I don't know031034If I can take it035353533036cause the way you looked at me310137made me see that031038I can't really fake0353539it340BridgeI try to help you777723341out through the hardest of times3335342your heart is in your throat555523343and I'm speaking my mind3335344though it looks as if it's1010101023345over353346I'm still not over you22320247cause 348RefrainI549Still love you like I did2535350before200051I know for sure20002that252you553still feel the same2535354way I do200055If only she knew20355565758bridge2I know she loves you and555530359I can't interfere7775360So I'll just have to sit back555530561and watch my world disappear35377756231630woah358646566BridgeI try to help you 777723367out through the hardest of times3335368your heart is in your throat555523369and I'm speaking my mind3335370though it looks as if1010101023371It's over 353372I'm still not over you22320273oh I'm still not over…757…you ohh74525575cause376RefrainI577still love you like I did2535378before200079I know for sure20002that you280581still feel the same way2535382 I do235383woah2035Cause …3… I84585Will never ever2535386walk away200087I'll find a way20002288She589 could never love you2535390 like I do235391If only she knew2035392ending3woah1full93If only she knew111139495If only she knew86668968nanana...754554975559875455499555100754554101555102754554103555104754554105555
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