Standard (EADGBE)

I grew up in the 90's at least that's what I tried

looking for ways to be satisfied

I went to San Diego to try out my luck

came back 12 months later and again I was stuck

I felt like a goldfish stuck in a bowl

I was waiting for something that I could control

after 2000 no longer a kid

the world didn't end but something else did

when my father takes off I'm already 19

he wasn't as happy as I thought he seemed

if this is my screenplay I don't like my role

these are the things that you just can't control

although I feel a lot older I'm just 23

if you're looking for answers don't come to me

instead of a future I've got a guitar

but dreaming out loud won't get me far

still I feel I'm ready for rock'n roll

there might be something that I can control

by the time I hit 30 I'll have enough

of being a twentysomething in love

my friends will all be married or they will be gone

me, I'll still be wondering what's going on

if that's what it takes then I'll sell my soul

as long as there's something that I can control

one day I'll wake up and I'll be 38

doing the things I used to hate

the trick to forget the bigger picture is when

you look at everything in close-up as often as you can

our revolution is covered in mold

there's only so much you can control

this is no anthem because anthems are proud

and pride isn't something that this is about

I shouldn't care shouldn't care

but I do and that's sometimes too hard to bear

still walking the same road with my shoes full of holes

just waiting for something that we can control

if I ever reach 50 or 65

too early to tell if I'll still be alive

we were born in the 80's and now we are here

my generation's dream will disappear

I'm at a graveyard passing the rows

a silent surrender we'll never get close

this is my story you swallowed it whole

about us feeling the need to be in control