Standard (EADGBE)

I wake up and right away I know

The minute I turn on my bedroom radio

The music is a Lady Gaga song

But there's a hissing in my ears

Something's wrong

I put on some pants turn on a little light

I keep the curtains closed outside it's just too bright

On my way to the bathroom I hit the wall

When I look into the mirror

I see nothing at all

I'm going crazy the pressure gets to me

Between my shoulders on top of my body

There's a great big hole a mystery

There's a hole where my head used to be

In the dark I finally reach the sink

I grab the faucet hold my breath and try to think

The water doesn't end up on my skin

Right there is when I grasp the giant mess I'm in

It seems as if my body's closing down

I lose my balance and my toothbrush hits the ground

I don't even recognize my face

When I was young my mind was clear

How I miss those days

On all fours I crawl back to bed

Try to remember how many of those days I've had

I just need sleep so I try to improvise

But when your head is gone, it's hard to close your eyes