Misc Unsigned Bands - Tony Sanchez - Bless His Name Chords

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, , , , /, and


Keys: B2#/   /

( F#/A#) *1st X Only



Come, let us sing for joy

Let us shout aloud to our King

Come, let us worship God

Lifting holy hands, bless His name

.To Verse 1

(3rd X) Bless His Holy Name… / ....To Bridge

Verse one

Lord, we come to meet with You again


To worship with one voice in adora--tion

You deserve our every praise

That echoes in this place, You’re the worthy One

Verse two


Lord, we come with gratitude that flows


From deep within our souls, we rejoice in You

And We will glory in Your name


With a shout our lips proclaim the praises stirring in our hearts


Every creature in Heaven and Earth below


Bless His name, bless His name (4x) ....To Chorus