eBGDAE1Intro TAB by JPGR=654423456789=7512810111213Verse 1Nights in white satin4402214never reaching the end.44420215Letters I've written,5333416never meaning to send.222020217Beauty I've always missed,44022218with these eyes before.44420219Just what the truth is5313420I can't 02say2an -0y2more.02 'Cause I2021Choruslove you,22yes, I ---55322love you,55Oh, ------32how I2023love you, ------------------------205324oh.425Verse 2Gazing at people,4402226some hand in hand.4 20227Just what I'm going through,53334428they can't understand.2020229Some try to4 2 0tell2me,230thoughts they cannot defend.4 4 42 0231Just what you want to be53134432you will02be2in0the2 end.02 'Cause I2033Choruslove you,22yes, I ---55334love you,55Oh, ------32how I2035love you, ------------------------205336Oh, how I love3535you. ------------------53738Lead Break39404142434445464768481284950Verse 3Nights in white satin4402251never reaching the end.44420252Letters I've written,5333453never meaning to send.222020254Beauty I've always missed,44022255with these eyes before.44420256Just what the truth is5313457I can't 02say2an -0y2more.02 'Cause I2058Choruslove you,22yes, I ---55359love you,55Oh, ------32how I2060love you, ------------------------205361Oh, how I love3535you. ------------------5 3624Yes, I2063love you,22yes, I ---55364love you,55Oh, ------32how I2065love you, ------------------------205366Oh, how I love3535you. ------------------5 367686869701287144727312874757677787980248144823483448424853486448788