Standard (EADGBE)

I hope you know how nice it is

To see you layin in my bed

With my blankets all around you

Realize that every night I dream of colored birds

that fly around here

Don't get me wrong you know that when I look in your eyes

It looks like something's wrong

I get lonely when I'm around you

Sleepy Eyes

All my good friends come down here

Let me put my arms around you

Cuz if I found you down and out

My friend, I'd pick you up off the ground

If I found you there, yes I would


Let's go for a drive in the mountains and drink some wine

Forget about trying to live forever

Cuz I sure don't want to be lonely around you too

I've got the instantly sleepy eyes

Oh Oh

Summertime comes down like a brushfire from the hills

You left town without cleaning my house like you said you would (oh no!)

What kinda bad dreams are you talkin about?

Cuz I never said my friends didn't like you

And I sure don't remember telling you that I didn't love you

Sleepy Eyes, I don't know if I love you

Sleepy Eyes

I never got over your blue eyes

Lord knows I tried tried tried

2004 - All Rights Reserved