Standard (EADGBE)

Discarded piece of trash I feel,

I’ve been used up and now you’re through,

And all that’s left is skin and bone,

I wander round in search of home,

I don’t mean to exaggerate,

But how could one withstand such weight,

Of grief that’s drowns and suffocates,

I hope hope comes before it’s too late,



Where do I go from here?

Who am I without me?

(Verse 2)

Are you the one who made this mess?

Or is it me? I must confess,

I’m not quite sure I can forgive,

The scars you left keep memory fresh.


play 2x

(Chorus)-play 2x

Did you ever love me?

Was that the best thing that you could do?


Did you ever love me?

Play pre-chorus 2x

Chorus 2x

Pre-chorus one more time…