eBGDAE1Intro (t=91)=914423456789Pre-verse=9110111213Verse 1why do i feel bad again?=91003331422i shouldn't be sad or miss a grin.215122122160017doubt creeps in and doubt creeps out,003331822skews…2…the view from my cloud.191212200021troublemaker tempting fate,00333222223questioning the path i take,12122240025showing me the twists and turns,003332622the forks and points of no return.22712122280029Chorus (t=97)30i would hold my breath so long 4031232132333to wash ashore where i belong. 434403523613237338Pre-ver (t=91)=9139404142Verse 2broken roses on the steps, =91003334322like promises i never kept.244122122450046promises i never made003334722but could have honored anyway.24812122490050tied to years, slave to fears,0033512252i will always hold you dear.12122530054tired, troubled but sincere,00333552256wishing... fuck the rime.122573258wishing i had a time33325932to wish to wish to wish you mine.26022222613262Bridge (t=120 ->131)=12063=13164656667686970Interludeevery day i choose to spend the=1313333371222172rest of my life with her33132733374and every day i break the molds of333337522176lives and worlds.322277378i already miss the things that3333379222180i will never know.313281382i will never know the things that3333383222184i've already missed.313285386Chorusi would hold=1314087288my breath so long132893to wash ashore20904091292where i belong.13293394Outroi would hold=1314095=131296my breath so long132973to wash ashore209840992100where i belong.1321013to wash ashore20102401032104where i belong.1321053to wash ashore20106401072108t= slow down to 90where i belong.=131132109=903110111112113Change tuning (R)