aECGDA1Tempo=120=120142Intro4434567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132Pre-Verse 1Tempo=124=12433343536Verse 1I'm gonna00037fight 'em off30038A seven nation0000039army couldn't hold me back000000040They gonna00041rip it off320042Taking their00043time right behind my back00000044And I'm0045talking to myself at night775532046because I can't forget000335474849Back and forth through my mind000000¼50behind a cigarette0003305152And the0053message coming from my eyes000003054Says leave it alone003full0005556Pre-Verse 257585960Verse 2Don't wanna000613hear abput it00¼62Every single000063one's got a story to00000064tell0¼Everyone00065knows about it3200½66From the Queen of000067England to the hounds of hell000000068And if I00069catch it comming back my way775532070I'm gonna serve it to you00033307172And073that ain't what you want to hear0000000¼74but that's what I'll do003307576And the0077feeling coming from my bones000003078Says find a home03full007980Solo81828384858687888990919293949596Pre-Verse 3979899100Verse 3I'm going to000101Wichita300102Far from this000103opera for evermore0000000104I'm gonna000105work the straw3200½106Make the sweat000107drip out of every pore000000¼108And I'm50109bleeding, and I'm bleeding, and I'm77553322110bleeding right before the lord0000335111112All the00113words are gonna bleed from me0000000¼114and I will think no more000330115116And the00117stains comming from my blood000030118tell me go back home003full00119120Outro121122123124Change tuning (R)