Standard (EADGBE)

Intro riff

1.Peace and love flying so high

peace and love too young to die

Peace and love now you decide

Stay for the children you don't really want to go

Can't feel it pulling like you did, Peace and love

(intro riff)

2.Peace and love only a ride

Strength is gone dying inside

Tell me now what did you find

Found love in the people livin' in a sacred land

Found love in the people, peace and love

(intro riff)

3. Found love, found hate saw my mistake

broke walls of pain to walk again,

I saw the dream, I saw the wake

We shared it all, but not the take

4.Peace and love Lennon's goodbye

Over now living in time

Broken bell, a nurs - ery rhyme

Deserted by heroes, strangers in your own land

No way to deny you, no way to deny you peace and love

(intro riff)

5. I took the role, I took the oath,

I took it all till I had most

I took what's left I gave it breath

I had it all once I gave it back! gave it back!

ending - repeat E D G A chords, last chord E with feedback.

on intro riff use heavy tremolo bar or string bending

Note: the Eddie Vedder lyrics printed in the CD booklet are

not correct. I've posted what he actually sings.

That's how I see it. Corrections, additions welcome.