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eBGDAE13=109442345678910I caught you knock - in ´ at my777777711ce - lar door ,57712I love you, ba - by, can I777777713have some more ?57714Oh -515oh the dam - age done77779161718I hit the ci - ty and I 777777719lost my band57720I watched the nee-dle take an -777777216oth - er man 8722gone, 523gone, the dam - age done.777742425262728293031323334I sing this song be - 777777735cause I loved the man57736I know that some of you 777777737won´t under - stand57738milk but 539to keep from runn - ing7777940out 4142I´ve see - n the nee - dle777777743and the dam - age done57744A little par - t of it77777745in ev - ´ry man68746and ev -´ ry jun - kie´s like the555555547set - tin´ sun.777484950515253Change tuning (R)