eBGDAE1intro=83442345678910111213verse 1as I look at the morning sky4445454714today the wind is blowing hard4455454715see that bird is floating high445454216pretty soon it will be tired55555417I spent a day all by myself4455454718a rich man without his wealth445454719sometimes I get it wrong45454220but I'm not the only one55555421the afternoon was very clear4445454722the sun beating down on me455454723I got thirsty for a beer445454224that I had do go to sea55555425the sea was very rough45454726it made me feel sick45454727but I like that kind of stuff445454228it beats arithmetic55555429chorus 1I don't want the world to change223232530I like the way it is23232531just give me one more wish23232032I can get enough of this33333233when it get's to be alive223232534and not just still survive23232535to hit and not to miss23232036I can get enough of this3333323738394041verse 2the early evening mists45454742look beautiful to me45454743was sweeter than a kiss45454244I wish you all could see55555445I'm a long long way from home445454746but this photograph of you445454747even through it's monochrome45454248tells me what I should do55555449so I got up on my feet445454750I knew it would be alright445454751for my clothes were looking beat445454252in the middle of the night555555453chorus 2I don't want the world to change223232554I like the way it is23232555just give me one more wish23232056I can get enough of this33333257when it get's to be alive223232558and not just still survive23232559to hit and not to miss23232060I can get enough of this33333261break 62636465666768697071727374757677787980818283chorus 3I don't want the world to change223232584I like the way it is23232585just give me one more wish23232086I can get enough of this33333287when it get's to be alive223232588and not just still survive23232589to hit and not to miss23232090I can get enough of this33333291outroI can get enough of this2424242424245792I can get enough of this2424242424245793I can get enough of this2424242424245794I can get enough of this2424242424245795I can get enough of this2424242424245796I can get enough of this2424242424245797I can get enough of this2424242424245798I can get enough of this2424242424245799100101