gDAE1=1563442Intro C3D4G5G325256C F/C C3325237D G/D D5547458G552529G3325210C No, no, no, no33252311D no, no, no55474512G no5525213G3325214C33252315D55474516G55755717G Well we57575518Verse G can't take her this55755719G week - and her57575520G friends don't want another55755721G speech57575522C hopin for a better day33252323D to hear what she's55474524G gotta say5525225 All about that3325226Chorus Personality33252327D crisis - you got it while55474528G it was hot5525229 but now3325230C frustration and33252331D heartache is what you got55474532G5525233G That's why they talk about the3325234C personality33252335D personality55474536G5525237G3325238C33252339D55474540G55755741G But57575542Verse G now you're tryin to be somethin55755743G Now you gotta do somthin57575544G Wanna be someone who55755745G counts - but you're57575546C thinkin bout the times you did33252347D they took every ounce55474548G5525249G Well it3325250C sure got to be a33252351D shame when you got to55474552G scream and shout5525253G You got to3325254C contradict all those33252355D times you butter55474556G flied about - You was 5525257G butterflyin - bout a33252581Chorus C personality cri33252359D sis - you got it while55474560G it was hot5525261G It's always hot - You know it's3325262C frustration and 33252563D heartache is what you got5474564G525365G I'm talkin about5525266C personality33252567D Yeah, yeah yeah5474568G Ow!525369G5525270C33252571D5474572G525373G5525274C33252575D=1465474576G=15677G And you're a78Bridge C prima ballerina on a33252579D spring afternoon5474580G525381G5525282C Change on into the wolf33252583D man howling at5474584G at the moon ah525385ooo - Got a55252862C personality33252587D wond'rin how celebrities5474588G ever meet - lookin 525389G fine on television5525290Chorus C Personality cri33252591D sis - you got it while5474592G it was hot525393G It's always hot - you know that5525294C frustration and 33252595D heartache is all you5474596G got - Oh525397G don't ya worry - it's just a5525298C personality cri33252599D sis - please don't cry54745100G5253101G It's just a55252102C personality cri332525103D sis - Please don't54745104G stop5253105G because you55252106C walk with personality - talk332525107D with personality54745108G=156109G=1383Change tuning (R)