Standard (EADGBE)


Verse intro


Load up on guns

Bring your friends

It's fun to lose

And to pretend

She's overboard

Myself assured

I know I know a dirty word

Hello, hello, hello, how low (x4)


With the lights out

It's less dangerous

Here we are now

Entertain us

I feel stupid

And contagious

Here we are now

Entertain us


An albino


My libido


Post-Chorus (this is where I get a little off, and may need work)


And that's it. Use the same chords and strumming for each chorus and verse, and as for

solo.... well, you can either play the solo like normal(I'll put the tab for the solo

or you can skip it. I find if you're playing alone, the chorus sounds awkward like

because it goes from loud chorus to a somewhat empty/quiet solo feeling, so personally I

it. However, if you have a band or something, it may sound better with the solo.

Also, for the part at the end where he goes "a denial" over and over, just do the chorus.

It sounds pretty good when played on an acoustic guitar, and it sounds pretty accurate

me (not 100% on the post-chorus though). If you think there are any mistakes, feel free

email me about any changes you feel I should make. Enjoy!