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eBGDAE1Intro:=16544234567891011121314151617Interlude:181920212223242526272829303132Interlude Fill:33Verse 1:In a time of blood4442434and fi - re be -245535- fore the break of dawn4445536Migh -537-ty swords were held310338to the sky...000394041In a land that rules4442442by darkness of245443e - vil and fi - re spawned54445444Damna -3545-tion now e - clipsed310346the sun00474849Pre-Chorus:Black horsemen rode1212001250a - long with death001234345134at their side1200125253So the scene of death121212001254rode the winds001212555657In black blood55555558they shall555559bap -5560- tise34And0061un - der a black star the12121212000062de - mo - n will rise...12001200163026465Chorus:In a2466time of blood and442467fi - re456869They rode a -42470- cross the4571lands...5372173In a2474time of blood and442475fi - re457677Un - der0178wings of yore they101079shel - ter028081Interlude:828384858687888990919293949596Interlude Fill:A thou - 3597Verse 2:- sand years have passed553598now oh3599so grim and dark5535100Now5101men must laude313102the demon's mark0000103104105Servants of un - ho-44424106- ly po - wers In dark-44445107- ness must confide4545108To the a -535109- byss in the dark -3103110- ness they descend1000111112113Pre-Chorus:Black horsemen rode12120012114a - long with death0012343411534at their side120012116117So the scene of death1212120012118rode the winds001212119120121In black blood555555122they shall5555123bap -55124- tise34And00125under a black star the121212120000126de - mo - n will rise...12001200112702128129Chorus:In a24130time of blood and4424131fi - re45132133They rode a -424134- cross the45135lands...5311362137In a24138time of blood and4424139fi - re45140141Un - der01142wings of yore they1055143shel - ter55144145Solo:146147148149150151152153154155156157158159160161Pre-Chorus:Black horsemen rode12120012162a - long with death0012343416334at their side120012164165So the scene of death1212120012166rode the winds001212167168169In black blood555555170they shall5555171bap -55172- tise34And00173under a black star the121212120000174de - mo - n will rise...12001200117502176177Chorus:In a24178time of blood and4424179fi - re45180181They rode a -424182- cross the45183lands...5311842185In a24186time of blood and4424187fi - re45188189Un - der01190wings of yore they1055191shel - ter55192193Outro:194195196197198199200201202203204
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