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eBGDAE1Intro=124442345Theme678910111213Verse 1John ny9 has99a11pro12blem914John ny's9 out of con trol99777he715had a t99 v par ty911129 with the4416kids in the black hole7775417stea lin' peo ples ma - ail555742and018lyn chin'44the landlord44019things to do when5555an gry, young and 420220Instrumental Chorusbored421222324Verse 2Johnny was99 on ly a lad911129925Johnny hates the scene9997726first he hit an old man99911129then he hit7527 and run Pauline77754the …4…re cord285 player55 spinning the best5420229times I ne ver had44740so030why do my own re cords make me5555420231Chorussad?4 'cause they're so bad99793233 and no one seems77 to77 un der77734stand7the glo ry79 of9 guit9735ar9 when out of tune997536 the off ti ming777737 the sing ers7 who can't sing7777738 the beau ty of rock79991139Theme4041424344454647BridgeHe's a teen age999 ve ge ta ble9999948this is the99 last re sort9979 he's749got P C P999 in his veins999 he9 lives750 in side a quart9997951Johnny7 is a punk rock er777744 Johnny is he queer?527774753Johnny need ed two bags777777 and a car to com man deer775488881155VariationJohnny9 was n't liked much99799 but he had a lot of friends77569997957waits on stage99 eat ing ludes999 a9 mindless brainwashed pig7589997759Johnny was a good man777774 till the day4460 that he got shot77747 he761had a jacked up che vy777777 that could blow you off the spot776288881163Variation 2Johnny al ways needs9997964 more than he takes9979 for765gets a cou ple chords99979 for gets a cou ple breaks76699977 67Johnny says he's bound7777 by on ly754 six strings to this world5687774769Johnny Quest hates sell out bands777777 and Johnny Punk snorts 7770888 ri ti lin'899971OutroJohnny is an an gry99999 am pu tee7479727374757677Change tuning (R)
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