eBGDAE1Intro=11044234567891011121314151617I718Verse 1don't know what it is that makes me5775757519feel alive,775I720don't know how to wake the things that5775757521sleep inside,775I722only want to see the light that5775757523shines behind your eyes77557245725I726Verse 2hope that I can say the things I5775757527wish I'd said,775To528sing my soul to sleep and take me5775757529back to bed,775You730want to be alone when we can5775757531feel alive instead775573257333435Because we need755536Chorus 18each5fullo-737-ther,5We believe555388in one ano-555739-ther,5And I know we're7558full40gonna unco-575741-ver,5What's sleeping in our7577542soul543Because we need7555448each5fullo-745-ther,5We believe555468in one ano-555747-ther,5And I know we're7558full48gonna unco-575749-ver,5What's sleeping in our7577550soul,551What's sleeping in our7577552soul7553545556Verse 3There are many things that I would5775757557like to know,775And758there are many places that I5775757559wish to go,775But760everything's depending on the5775777561way the wind may blow77557625763I764Verse 4don't know what it is that makes me5775757565feel alive,775I766don't know how to wake the things that5775757567sleep inside,775I768only want to see the light that5775757569shines behind your eyes775577057717273Because we need755574Chorus 28each5fullo-775-ther,5We believe555768in one ano-555777-ther,5And I know we're7558full78gonna unco-565779-ver,5What's sleeping in our7577580soul581Because we need7555828each5fullo-783-ther,5We believe555848in one ano-555785-ther,5And I know we're7558full86gonna unco-575787-ver,5What's sleeping in our7577588soul,589What's sleeping in our5585790soul,591What's sleeping in our7577592soul,5793What's sleeping in our5585794soul,5795'Cause we believe755596897'Cause we believe755598899Yeah, we believe75551008101'Cause we believe75551028103'Cause we believe75551048105'Cause we believe75551068107Because we need75551088109Because we need75551108111112Outro=80113114115116=110117118119Change tuning (R)