eBGDAE1Intro=824423456789Verse 1It's a bit early in the midnight hour for me46446464444210To411go through all the things that I want to be23242422441213I don't believe in everything I see646444444214You415know I'm blind so why do you disagree?23242442441617Pre-Chorus 1Take me away424241'Cos I just42418don't wanna stay224424All the42419lies you make me say224424They're going4420deeper 42everyday2424121These are crazy2323days but they24422make me shine24423Time keeps rolling by...0446424All around the world2324425Chorus 1We've gotta spread the42424226word41Tell me what you've heard2224427You're gonna make a better day144414142814All around the world2324429We've gotta spread the42424230word41Tell me what you've heard2224431You know it's gonna be OK14444443233Verse 2What you gonna do when the world comes falling dow46464464444234nYou435never move, you never make a sound2324242443637Where you gonna swim with the riches that you 46464464444238foundIf you're4439lost at see, well I hope that you've drowned 2324242444041Pre-Chorus 2Take me away424241'Cos I just42442don't wanna stay224424All the42443lies you make me say224424They're going4444deeper 42everyday2424145These are crazy2323days but they24446make me shine24447Time keeps rolling by...0446448All around the world2324449Chorus 2We've gotta spread the42424250word41Tell me what you've heard2224451You're gonna make a better day144414145214All around the world2324453We've gotta spread the42424254word41Tell me what you've heard2224455You know it's gonna be OK14444445657SoloNah4nah8nah7nah6fullnah458Nah8nah 7nah6fullnah459nah 6nah4nah6full6061Nah4nah8nah7nah6fullnah462Nah8nah 7nah6fullnah463nah 6nah4nah6full64nah465Nah6fullnah466nah6fullnah467Na3na2na3na2na3na2na0nah06869Na3na2na3na2na3na2na0nah07071Na3na2na3na2na3na2na0nah07273Na3na2na3na2na3na2na3na274na3na2na3na2nah3All around the world3435575Chorus in CWe've gotta spread the53535376word52Tell me what you've heard3335577You're gonna make a better day255525257825All around the world3435579We've gotta spread the53535380word52Tell me what you've heard3335581You know it's gonna be OK2555555825535583We've gotta spread the53535384word52Tell me what you've heard3335585You're gonna make a better day255525258625All around the world3435587We've gotta spread the53535388word52Tell me what you've heard3335589You know it's gonna be OK25555559091Bridge92It's gonna be ok5333339394It's gonna be ok5333339596It's gonna be ok53333397It's gonna be OK...53333398All around the world5757799Chorus in DWe've gotta spread the757575100word74Tell me what you've heard55577101You're gonna make a better day4777474710247All around the world57577103We've gotta spread the757575104word74Tell me what you've heard55577105You know it's gonna be OK4777777106All around the world77577107We've gotta spread the757575108word74Tell me what you've heard55577109You're gonna make a better day4777474711047All around the world57577111We've gotta spread the757575112word74Tell me what you've heard55577113You know it's gonna be OK4777777114115116Uh uh uh...5full25117118119120Uh uh uh...5full25121122And I know797123what I know797What I know797124what I know797Yeah I know797125what I know797It's gonna be OK7777771263xAnd I know 797127what I know797What I know797128what I know797Yeah I know797129what I know797130So please don't cry and never say die!77757577131132Uh uh uh...5full25133134So please don't cry and never say die!77757577135136Uh uh uh...5full25137138139Lah2lah2lah2140la1lah1lah1la1lah0141la0la0la0lah0lah2142So please don't cry and never say die!77757577143Lah2lah2lah2144la1lah1lah1la1lah0145la0la0la0lah0lah2146So please don't cry and never say die!77757577147148Uh uh uh...5full25149150151152Uh uh uh...5full25153154155Lah2lah2lah2156la1lah1lah1la1lah0157la0la0la0lah0lah2158So please don't cry and never say die!77757577159Lah2lah2lah2160la1lah1lah1la1lah0161la0la0la0lah0lah2162So please don't cry and never say die!77757577163Lah2lah2lah2164la1lah1lah1la1lah0165la0la0la0lah0lah2166So please don't cry and never say die!77757577167Lah2lah2lah2168la1lah1lah1la1lah0169la0la0la0lah0lah2170So please don't cry and never say die!77757577171Reprise2417244173174175176177178179180181182183184185186187188189190191192193194195196197198199200201202203204205206207208209210211212