eBGDAE1=1004423456789101112131415161718192021Verse 1There we were577Now722here we are474723All this confusion5777724Nothing's the same to me57555725There we were577Now726here we are474727All this confusion5777728Nothing's the same to me57555729Chorus 1I can't tell you the way57577530I feel because the75777731way I feel is oh57577532so new to me755733I can't tell you the way57577534I feel because the75777735way I feel is oh57577536so new to me755737Guitar Solo 13839404142434445Verse 2What I heard577is746not what I hear4747I can7747see the signs577But they're7748not very clear474749What I heard577is750not what I hear4747I can7751see the signs577But they're7752not very clear4747So753Chorus 2I can't tell you the way57577554I feel because the75777755way I feel is oh57577556so new to me755757I can't tell you the way57577558I feel because the75777759way I feel is oh57577560so new to me757761Guitar Solo 26263This is confusion5777764Am I confusing you?577557656667This is confusion5777768Am I bemusing you?577557697071This is peculiar57777We772don't want to fool you47577737475This is peculiar57777We776don't want to fool you47577777879808182838485Outro86878889909192Come on!5793Come on!57Come on!5794Come on!57Come on!5795Come on!57Come on!5796Come on!57Come on!5797Come on!57Come on!5798Come on!57Come on!5799Come on!57Come on!57100Come on!57101102103104105106107108109=90110111112113114