eBGDAE1=1004423456789101112131415161718192021Verse 12223242526272829Chorus 1I can't tell you the way58575530I feel because the85757731way I feel is oh58575532so new to me855733I can't tell you the way58575534I feel because the85757735way I feel is oh58575536so new to me855737Guitar Solo 13839404142434445Verse 24647484950515253Chorus 2I can't tell you the way58575554I feel because the85757755way I feel is oh58575556so new to me855757I can't tell you the way58575558I feel because the85757759way I feel is oh58575560so new to me855761Guitar Solo 26263This is confusion3555564Am I confusing you?355355656667This is confusion3555568Am I bemusing you?355355697071This is peculiar35555We572don't want to fool you35555737475This is peculiar35555We576don't want to fool you35555777879808182838485Outro868788Yeah, yeah, yeah!8858990Yeah, yeah, yeah!8859192Yeah, yeah, yeah!8859394Yeah, yeah, yeah!8859596Yeah, yeah, yeah!8859798Yeah, yeah, yeah!88599Yeah!5Yeah!5100Yeah!5101102103104105106107108109=90110111112113114