eBGDAE1Intro=15244234567891011121314151617Verse 1When I was young I thought I202200218had my own key020219I knew exactly what I020020220wanted to be020221Now I'm sure02222You've boarded up ev'-2202023-ry door222425Verse 2Lived in a bubble, days were202200226never ending020227Was not concerned about what020020228life was sending020229Fantasy was real0202230Now I know much202031about the way I feel2020023233Bridge 1I'll paint you the pic-0002034-ture, 'cause I don't think you22200235live 'round here no more2000236I've never even2200237seen the key to the door20000238We only get what2200239we will settle for20020402241Chorus 1While we're liv-22242-ing0The243dreams we have as chil-0202044-dren fade away2202245While we're liv-22246-ing0The247dreams we have as chil-0202048-dren fade away2202249While we're liv-22250-ing0The251dreams we have as chil-0202052-dren fade away2202253While we're liv-22254-ing0The255dreams we have as chil-3232056-dren fade away224257Away4258Away425960They fade away0202261Away4262Away42636465666768697071Verse 3Now my life has turned a-02200272-nother corner020273I think it's only fair that020020274I should warn yer020275Dream it while you can0202276Maybe some day202077I'll make you understand2020027879Bridge 2I'll paint you the pic-0002080-ture, 'cause I don't think you22200281live 'round here no more2000282I've never even2200283seen the key to the door20000284We only get what2200285we will settle for20020862287Chorus 2While we're liv-22288-ing0The289dreams we have as chil-0202090-dren fade away2202291While we're liv-22292-ing0The293dreams we have as chil-0202094-dren fade away2202295While we're liv-22296-ing0The297dreams we have as chil-0202098-dren fade away2202299While we're liv-222100-ing0The2101dreams we have as chil-32320102-dren fade away2242103Away42104Away42105106They fade away02022107Away42108Away42109110Fade away2022111Away42112Away42113114Fade away2022115Away42116Away42117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133Outro134135136137138139140141142143144145=76146147148149150151152