eBGDAE1Intro=1404423456789101112Verse 1They're trying hard to put me97799713in my place, and977714that is why I got-9775915-ta keep running, the7797716future's mine and it's no977797917disgrace77'Cause718in the end the past8779919means nothing997You720Verse 2tell me I'm free, then you tie979797921me down77And722from my chains I think9775923it's a pity779724What did it cost you to wear979797925my crown?77You726don't like me, why don't8779927you admit it?7597I728Bridge 1feel a little down today97979792979And I ain't87730got much to say7979731You're gonna miss979932me when I'm not there979993379You know I don't878734care735You know I don't887736care73738Chorus 1As we beg77939and steal and bor-797740-row941Life is hit and979742miss, and this77943I744hope, I think, I know9997745If I ever hear the99779746names you call77947And748if I stumble catch8779949me when I fall777650'Cause651baby after all7667752You'll753never forget my name77777754Guitar Solo5556You'll757never forget my name7777775859606162Verse 3You tried hard to put me97799763in my place, and977764that is why I got-9775965-ta keep running, the7797766future's mine and it's your97797967disgrace77'Cause768in the end your life8779969means nothing597D'you770Bridge 2feel a little down today97979797179Bet you ain't87772got much to say7979773Who's gonna miss979974you when you're not there979997579You know they don't878776care777You know they don't887778care77980Chorus 2As we beg77981and steal and bor-797782-row983Life is hit and979784miss, and this77985I786hope, I think, I know9997787If I ever hear the99779788names you call77989And790if I stumble catch8779991me when I fall777692'Cause693baby after all7667794You'll795never forget my name77777796Middle Eight9798You'll799never forget my name7777771009101(Scream)5102103104105106107108109110Chorus 3As we beg779111and steal and bor-7977112-row9113Life is hit and9797114miss, and this779115I7116hope, I think, I know99977117If I ever hear the997797118names you call779119And7120if I stumble catch87799121me when I fall7776122'Cause6123baby after all76677124You'll7125never forget my name777777126Outro127128You'll7129never forget my name777777130131132You'll7133never forget my name777777134135136You'll7137never forget my name777777138139140You'll7141never forget my name777777142=180143=180144=180145=180146=140147148149Change tuning (R)