eBGDAE1Intro=9044234567Verse 1Little James7978we are the same7957They59always seem to look to us7575755But510we weren't meant to be grown ups757975511Thank you for your smile54545you012make it all worthwhile for us54545541314You515Verse 2live for your toys7957Even trough5516they make noise7957Have you5517ever played with plasticine7575755Or518even tried a trampoline757975519Thank you for your smile54545You020make it all worthwhile for us54545542122I'm023singing this song5455For 524you and your mom that's all975554252627It won't be long5455Be-528fore everyone is gone...975554293031Bridge 13233343536373839Verse 3Sailed out the sea7997Your540mom, you and me795741You swam the ocean like a child757575542Life around us was so wild757975543Thank you for your smile54545You044make it all worthwhile for us54545544546I'm047singing this song5455For548you and your mom that's all975554495051It won't be long5455Be-552fore everyone is gone975554535455Bridge 25657585960616263Chorus 16465666768697071Final ChorusNa na na na na...35313723101730131740131750131761020777879Fade35313803101810131820131830131841020858687