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eBGDAE1=90442345Chorus IMay - be30I don't036really wanna know02202how your gar -0027den grows22'cos28I just wanna fly.220029Late - ly30did3you310ever feel the pain02202in the morn -00211ing2rain2as it soaks00212you to the bone.220213Verse IMaybe I300just want to03314fly0want to live300I don't want to003015die0maybe I300just want to03316breathe0may - be I300just don't be - lieve.033017May - be you're300the same03as me0018we see things they'll ne - ver30333019see.0You and I303are gunna live for - ever. _______03033720021I said2322Chorus IImay - be30I don't0323really wanna know02202how your gar -00224den grows22'cos225I don't wanna fly.2200226Late - ly30did3you327ever feel the pain02202in the morn -00228ing2rain2as it soaks00229you to the bone.220230Verse IIMaybe I300will ne - ver be030031all3the things that I0000wan - na be33032now is not300the time03to333cry0nows the time300to find03out334why.0I think you're the same as me300033035we see things they'll ne -ver30003036see.0You and I are gunna live for - ever. _____3030303373703839Solo4041424344454647484950515253545556Chorus IIImay - be30I don't0357really wanna know02202how your gar -00258den grows22'cos259I don't wanna fly.2200260Late - ly30did3you361ever feel the pain02202in the morn -00262ing2rain2as it soaks00263you to the bone.220264Verse IIIMaybe I300just want to fly030065want to live I don't wanna die.3000033066Maybe I300just want03to367breathe.0Maybe I300just don't be - lieve033680may - be you're the same as me300033069we see things they'll ne -ver30003070see.0You and I are gunna live for - ever. _____30303033771072Outrogunna live for - ev ___3333773___er _____074gunna live for - ev ___3333775___er _____076gunna live for - ev_______0400377er_____________078__gunna live for - ev______0400379er________________080__gunna live for - ev______0400381er________________082__gunna live for - ev______0400383___er. _______________084Outro__858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104
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