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eBGDAE1Intro=1364423456789101112131415161718Everybody313119Verse 1knows...020and no one say131321nothing31221It was a sound so very 31313123loud024but no one could hear133122526I got something in my13313127shoes028It's keeping me from13133wal-329king.130Down the long and winding31313131road032Back home to you33123334Around1035Bridge 1this town11you ceased1036to be11That's137what you get for sleeping313131with the3138enemy0303Where an-1339gels fly01You340won't play01So141guess who's going to take the blame 313131042for3My big mouth53043Chorus 144My big name5304546I'll put on my shoes1153047while I'm walking3331slow-348ly down the hall of fame1313124950It's for11My big mouth5305152You can fly a plane535305354I'll put on my shoes1153055while I'm walking3331slow-356ly down the hall of fame131312575859606162I ain't never spoke to31313163Verse 2God064I ain't never been to31313365Heaven3166But you assumed I knew the31313167way068Even through the map was31313369given3170And as you look into the 131313171eyes072Of a bloody cold a-31313373ssassin3174It's only then you rea-131313175lise076With whose life you have been31313377missing3178Around1079Bridge 2this town11you ceased1080to be11That's181what you get for sleeping313131with the3182enemy0303Where an-1383gels fly01You384won't play01So185guess who's going to take the blame 313131086for3My big mouth53087Chorus 288My big name5308990I'll put on my shoes1153091while I'm walking3331slow-392ly down the hall of fame1313129394It's for11My big mouth5309596You can fly a plane535309798I'll put on my shoes1153099while I'm walking3331slow-3100ly down the hall of fame131312101Slow-3102ly down the hall of fame131312103Bridge Solo104105Slow-3106ly down the hall of fame131312107108109110111Main Solo112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126Around10127Bridge 3this town11you ceased10128to be11That's1129what you get for sleeping313131with the31130enemy0303Where an-13131gels fly01You3132won't play01So1133guess who's going to take the blame 3131310134for3My big mouth530135Chrous 3136My big name530137138I'll put on my shoes11530139while I'm walking3331slow-3140ly down the hall of fame131312141142It's for11My big mouth530143144You can fly a plane53530145146I'll put on my shoes11530147while I'm walking3331slow-3148ly down the hall of fame131312149Slow-31503xly down the hall of fame131312151Outro152153154155156157158159160161162163164Change tuning (R)
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