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eBGDAE1Intro=804423Verse 1Here's another sunday 3113134morning call3131Yer head yer head-313315a-banging on the door...31313367Slip your shoes on and then3113138out you crawl3131Into the day 313319that couldn't give you more31313310But what for?3331112And in your head331013Chorus 1do you feel03314What you're not 03015supposed to feel3020016And you take03317What you want03318But you don't20119get it for free013020You need3321more time3322'Cause your thoughts03023and words won't last303024for-3e-30ever more3325But I'm not sure03326If it'll 20e-127ver work alright013028It's OK0229030It's alright023103233Verse 2When yer lonely and you31131334start to hear3131The little voi-3133135ces in your head at night3131333637You will only sniff a-31131338way the tears3131So you can dance3133139until the morning light31313340At what price?3334142And in your head331043Chorus 2do you feel03344What you're not03045supposed to feel3020046And you take03347what you want03348But you don't20149get it for free013050You need3351more time3352'Cause your thoughts03053and words won't last303054for-3e-30ver more3355I'm not sure03356If I'll 20e-157ver work alright013058It's OK?0259060It's alright?026106263Solo6465666768697071727374And 3in your head31075Chorus 3do you feel03376What you're not03077supposed to feel3020078And you take03379what you want03380But you don't20181get 0it for free113082You need3383more time3384'Cause your thoughts03085and words won't last 3033086for-3e-03ver more3387But I'm not sure003388If it'll 20e-189ver, e-01ver,0e-190ver work alright0220039192If it'll 20e-193ver, e-01ver, e-0194ver work alright0220039596Will it20e-197ver, e01ver, e0198ver work all right...02200099100Change tuning (R)
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