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eBGDAE1Drum Intro=1024423456789101112Verse 1I need to 22213be myself...24214I can't be22215no-one else24216I'm fee-2217ling Supersonic02022Give218me gin and tonic0202219You can have it all but202022How220much do you want it?02022You 221make me laugh...24222Give me your22223autograph...24224Can I ride20225with you in your B-2220226MW...0202You can2027sail with me in my ye-22220228llow submarine and02022You 229Bridgefind2out0'Cause230no-one's gonna tell you what I'm4242424231on about...24232You need to22233find a way for 2002what434you want to say...242435but before22136tomorrow202'Cause237Chorusmy friend said he'd take2022438you home02He239sit in a cor-2202ner all2440alone2441He lives under a 2022wa-442terfall0243Nobody can see him424242No-444body can ever hear him 242424245Post - Chorus Solocall4No-446body can ever hear him242424247call.4484950515253545556You need to22257Verse 2be yourself.24258You can't be22259No-one else24260I know 2261a girl called Elsa02024She's062into Alka Seltzer202024She 063sniffs it through a can on a su-2020220264personic train0202And she2265makes me laugh24266I got her22267autograph24268She469done it with a doctor202024On 270a helicopter02024She's471sniffin' in her tissue202022Se-272lling the Big Issue02022when she2273Bridgefinds out...20'Cause274No one's gonna tell her what I'm4242424275on about...24276You need to22277find a way for what2002478you want to say...242479But before22180tomorrow202'Cause281Chorus my friend said he'd take2022482you home02He283sits in a corner all22022484alone.2485He lives under a wa-2022486terfall.0287Nobody can see him 424242No-488body can ever hear him 242424289Final Solocall4No-490body can ever hear him 242424291call4No-492body can ever hear him 242424293call4949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127
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