Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

Just when it falls apart, and when it's time to start

Do you sit down here for another day?

Verse 2

And when it's time to be, all the things that we

been wishing away for another day


[quickly: ]

Me and my soul, we know where we're going

We're going where the grass is free and the air is clean and the

good times are growing


Take me away, just for today, 'cos I'm sad here on my own,

I'd like to be, under the sea, but I'd prob-bly need a phone

[NOTE: chorus could also simply be played ]

Musical Interlude

[NOTE: listen to the song to hear the rythm of the above part]

[ANOTHER NOTE: this musical interlude is played as written above only on

this unplugged Oasis bootleg I have, not on the recorded version. Try it,

though. It sounds pretty cool.]

Repeat Verse 1, play the lead-in to the pre-chorus just like after Verse

2 earlier in the song



Add-on to end of chorus:

I could be you if I wanted to, but I've never got the time

You could be me and pretty soon you will be, but you're gonna need a lie

Need a lie

Need a lie

Need a lie

[quickly: ] [quickly: ]


Tab for the outro: