Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


------- x4 -- x2

Verse 1

Crazy but thats how it goes

Millions of people living as foes

Maybe its not to late

To learn how to love

And forget how to hate


Mental wounds not healing

Lifes a bitter shame

Im going off the rails

on a crazy train

Im going off the rails

F#m A E F#m D E A--

on a crazy train

Verse 2

Ive listened to preachers

Ive listened to fools

Ive watched all the dropouts

Who make their own rules

One person conditioned

to rule and control

The media sells it and

you have the role

(Repeat Chorus)


I know that things

are going wrong for me

You gotta listen to

my words Yeh-h

Guitar solo

F#m--D--Bm--F#m x4


F#m--A-E-F#m--D-E x2, A--

Verse 3

Heirs of a cold war

Thats what weve become

Inheriting troubles

Im mentally numb

Crazy, I just cannot bear

Im living with something

that just isnt fair

(Repeat chorus)


F#m--A-E-F#m--D-E x2