eBGDAE1=74442345678910111213141516I'm Not The Kind Of Person...332203017You Think I Am35220318Im Not The Antichrist Or332203019The Iron Man35220320I have A vision That I3322030213Just Cant Control522032233I Feel I've Lost My Spirit22030233And Sold My Soul5220324253Got No Control52263202728I Try To Entertain You332203029The Best I Can35220330I Wish I started Walking332203031Before I Ran35220332But I Steel Love The Feeling332203033I get From You35220334I hope You never Stop 'Couse332203035It Gets Me Through Yeah3522033637It Gets Me Through Yeah3523832033940The Feeling That023541I hide Behind323114211Sometimes Reality's034333Unkind53044The Nightmares Start023545For Me At Night523146I dreamt A Long130347And Lonely Night020048495051525354555657585954604461626364I'm Not The Kind Of Person...332203065You Think I Am35220366Im Not The Antichrist Or332203067The Iron Man35220368But I Steel Love The Feeling332203069I get From You35220370I hope You never Stop 'Couse332203071It Gets Me Through Yeah3522037273012Im Just Trying To Live234234012345744x012Yeah3457576777879012Im Just Trying To Live23423401234580012Yeah34581012Im Just Trying To Live23423401234582012Yeah34583012Im Just Trying To Live23423401234584012Yeah34585012Im Just Trying To Live23423401234586012Yeah3458788