Pat Green - Texas On My Mind Chords

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I woke up this morning with Texas on my mind

Thinkin bout my friends there, and a girl I left behind

The way she held me when we kissed

The lovin that we'd done

And how I left her waving goodbye

Standin in a Texas sun


I got a half a mind to call her

Half a mind to go

Jump a big jet liner

And wing it on my way back home

All the morning it was rainin, on the streets of Liverpool

So I stayed in and played guitar, and sang "The Lovesick Blues"

My mind kept goin back in time

To when we both had fun

And how I left her waving to me

Standin in a Texas sun



In my dreams she's still in love with me

But I'd have to travel home to see

Wishin I was back there, doesn't help me much at all

When I wanna hold her, doesn't help me much to call

Stuck here in this seaport town

Longing for the one

That I left behind me there,

Standing in a Texas sun

Repeat Chorus 2x

Repeat Intro