gDAE1=144442B77773B77774B77775B77776B77777B77778B77779B777710B Late afternoonEveryone was singing777711679712dreaming hotelgirl is washed up7777139679714E6 just had a quarrel7on Redondo beach777715 that9797and916B sent you awayeveryone is so sad777717 I was679718F#6 looking for you999919E6 are you777720B gone gone?77721B E6 D67722B Called you on the phonePretty little girl777723679724another dimensioneveryone cried777725 Well, you9679726E6 never returnedShe was the victim7777727 oh, you9797of928B know what I meansweet suicide777729 I went679730F#6 looking for you999931E6 are you777732B gone gone77337734E6 Down by the ocean7777735F#6 it was so dismal9999936E6 women all standing with shock7777737F#6 on their faces9999938E6 sad descriptions, but7777739E6/F# oh, I was looking for9999940B you777413x1,2B E6 D6775423B7743(2:56) E6 never to return7777744E6/F# into my arms cause you were9999945B gone gone77467747E6 Never to return7777748E6/F# into my arms cause you were9999949B gone gone7750B E6 D677551B gone gone7679752B E6 D67553B gone gone7679754B E6 D6 Good7555B bye7Change tuning (R)