Phish - Friday Chords

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Verse 1

I crashed, I burned, but then I learned \

B -- Play Softly

To keep my eye on you /

You always say, you'll lead the way

But then you never do

Prechorus 1

I slowed, I swerved, but lost my nerve

And quickly looked away

When I looked back, the day was black

Then I heard you say

Chorus 1

Why is the sun hot and

Why does it rain?

Why is there danger and

Why is there pain?

Why can't the burden

we carry go away?

And why isn't it Friday today?

Verse 2

Your lack of trust is hardly just

So do as you've been told

Please follow me into the sea

Don't worry if it's cold

Prechorus 2

I knew right then, my chance again

Had quickly slipped away

I crash, I cry, I burn, but I

Still follow anyway

Chorus 2

Why is the sea cool?

Why is it blue?

Why do I stay here?

Why is it you

notice the danger

but don't help in any way?

Why isn't it Friday today?

What follows is:

Verse progression

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-Prechorus 2

Chorus progression

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