Standard (EADGBE)


Difficult Chords : (X=> Don't play that String,0=>Open String)

Other Chords : In case you don't know the other shouldn't dare to play Pink Floyd!


Bass Lead then Bm7


Mon-ey, ya get a-way. Ya get a good job with more pay, and you're O.--------------K.

Mon-ey, it's a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make---a stash.


New car cav-i-ar, four star day-dream. Think I'll buy me a foot--ball



Mon-ey, you get back. I'm all right Jack. Keep your hands off my--------stack.

Mon-ey, it's a hit. But don't give me that do--good-y good bull---shit.


I'm in the (8/4) high fi--del--i--ty, first-class trav--'ling set, and I think I need a



Integral Long Music Parts.

Mon-ey, It's a crime. Share it fair-ly, but don't take a slice of my--------pie.

Mon-ey, so they say, is the root of all e--vil to--day.

But if (8/4) you ask for--a rise, it's no sur---(6/4)--prise that they're giv-ing



Note : Do NOT change anything as these are the exact chords/lyrics/chord shapes used.