eBGDAE1=145442if103Verse 1i was a pirate111111118P. M.4sailing the sea11111311would115 you come and pillage the13131313886village with me13131513We'll137bury the treasure101011107and78go down together10101110if 109i was a pirate11111111810if1011Verse 2i was an outlaw111111118812robbin' a bank11111311would11P. M.13you be my Bonnie131313138 help814me get away13131513would1315you pull the trigger101011107and716blow 'em away10101110if1017i was an outlaw1111111181819Chorushow bad111113112010would i have10111021to be ?8152223how bad ?1111131124102526if1027Verse 3i was a vampire1111111188P. M.28roamin' the night11111311would1129you be my pray13131313 and put your8830 neck on the line131315131331live in the shadows101011107and732die in the light10101110if i was a vampire103311111111834if1035Verse 4i was a wanted111111118836man on the run11111311would11P. M.37you take a fall13131313 if we were8838under the gun13131513and1339drop down beside me101011107 in the…740nooses they've hung10101110 if i was a wanted1041111111118man on the run421111131143Chorushow bad111113114410would i have10111045to be ?8154647how bad ?111113114810if1149Bridgei was the worst13131513man850in the world131513would you still be my girl?1035111111110852the1153scariest monster13131313854you ever seen13131513would you85510still10love me ?1110565758if1059Verse 5i was a killer111111118with8P. M.60blood on my hands11111311would 1161you be my alibi131313138and862lie on the stand ?131315131363swear on your life that i'm an101011107764 innocent man10101110if1065i was a killer1111111186667Chorushow bad111113116810would i have10111069to be ?8157071how bad ?11111311721073Outro7475767778798081828384858687888990Change tuning (R)