eBGDAE1Intro=90442345678749441011121314151st Verse16the bed is too big without you3203017018cold wind blows right through that open door3203019232020I can't sleep with your memory32032210022dreaming dreams of what used to be320302302324when she left I was cold inside532320253026that look on my face was just pride53233227028no regrets 532no love no tears30292330livin' on my on55323was the least of my fears23031Chorus02032the beds too big without you32030033the beds too big without you32030034the bed's too big320without you3077435443637383940412nd Verse42since that day when you'd gone3203243044just had to carry on3322004546I get through the day but late at night320230472348made love to my pillow but it didnt feel right532320349000050every day532just the same3251052old rules for the same old game53232353054all I gained was heartache5323552056all I made532was one mistake357Chorus020now058the beds too big without you32030059the beds too big without you32030060the bed's too big320without you307746144626364656667Break68698x70Chorus7172the beds too big without you32030073the beds too big without you32030074the bed's too big320without you3077475Outro447630777783077980818283Change tuning (R)