Port Obrien - Five And Dime Chords

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Then into the verse

Well I sleep all through my mornings

Spend my afternoons just lying in my bed

Cause Ive done everything I could do and Ive said

Everything that I could have said

And it kills me to think that

straight lines have taken over the life Ive led

So say fare thee well to the concrete

Ill try to stand up on my own two feet

There arent anymore winds in the road

That'd be my time to go

With my eyes glued on the road

And from my fingers to my toes

I am aware of everything that I can know

So Ill stand tall and Ill stand proud

Ill sing a song and Ill sing it loud

Ill bury all my apprehension underground

I dont even know which way to go

Pack my things and head home

I keep smiling at everbody

Passing by me and all I get is dirty looks

And all my friends were empty liars

Ive just been hanging out with the wanderers and crooks

There's no value in education

Its just lies and pens and paper and notebooks

I forgot about the state of the world

Guess Ill just fall in love with the girl

Got too many years left to spend

Shes all I think about in the end

Ill take my cue from rock and roll

And everything that Ive been told

Everything that I have known for my whole life

And Ive been too afraid to use

And Ive been too abused

To be concerned that I may loose this silly game

I dont even know which way to go

Pack my things and head home

I got some family in Alaska

I got some friends out in old Ohio

And Id be fine to take some sun

And Id be more than fine to play in the snow

I dont want to be no buisness man

Dont want to be no crooked CEO

So take me out to Kodiak Isle

Ill go out to sea awhile

My legs hanging off the stern

See what I can learn

And the Northern Lights say hi

With all their colors in the sky

Ill be sure to tell them that Im doing fine

There's just so much to explore

that I have never seen before

And Ive found some things

that are easier to ignore

I dont even know which way to go

Pack my things and head home